/Hexagonal Ball Joints DIN71802
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Project Description

Hexagonal Ball Joints DIN71802


Hexagonal Ball Joints DIN71802


Housing,carbon steel.

Ball Stud,carbon steel

Safety clip,Spring steel

Surface treatment:

Zinc plate,passivated in white-blue or yellow

Stainless Ball Joint,Please add prefix ‘ss’to the part no..

DCM Ball Joints are also conveniently available without stud for later assembly on to a pre-positioned stud.;

Compatible with Threaded Ball Studs or Riveted Studs.

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Part No.ThreadBFGNPS
DCM5SSDCM5M5 x 0.808910.22210.27
DCM6SSDCM6M6 x 1.00101112.52511.59
DCM8SSDCM8M8 x 1.25131316.5301411
DCM10SSDCM10M10 x 1.501616203515.513
DCM12SSDCM12M12 x 1.751616203515.513