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Surface Coating

Fusco provide kinds of finish upon request.

FINISH CODES Finish Description Plating thickness (μm) Hours to red rust RoHS compliant
S0 No finish,oiled     Yes
S1 Zinc and yellow chromate 6-12 72-300 no
S2 Zinc and clear chromate 6-12 48-300 yes
S3 Phosphate, de-embrittle & oil dry to touch / 72 yes
S4 Zinc and yellow trivalent dye 8-12 48-300 yes
S5 Zinc and clear trivalent chromate 8-12 48-300 yes
S6 Zinc nickle, de-embrittle & black trivalent 8-12 600 – 900 yes
S7 Zinc and black trivalent 8-12 48-96 yes
S8 Zinc and clear trivalent with seal 8-12 240 yes
S9 Dacromet / 400 yes
*Other finishes upon request